About Us

About Us

Josh, our loveable Staffie, is our inspiration on this journey…
And so it began, a sickly pet and numerous visits to the vet. To the point that the Vets said there was really nothing more they could do to help Josh! We were desperate. After many late nights spent reading numerous articles on pet health, we found grain free pellets. We had few options so we tried and success! Josh started to get better! However, we still felt that we could do better for Josh, and we spent more late nights reading up on pet nutrition. We then found out about “Feeding Raw” and decided to give it a try.
It was the best decision we ever made!
Today he is a healthy boy who thrives on raw and relishes meal time, more than he did before.
We opened our hearts and home when we adopted and welcomed our little Staffie rescue girl Cleo. She is also thriving on raw food. She lost the excess unhealthy weight she carried, her coat is now lustrous, and both Josh and Cleo relish their mealtime!
We hope you don’t wait for your pet to get sick before switching to raw. However, if that is the reason you are here, you have come to the right place, and we welcome you.

We are passionate about bringing you healthy options for your furry friend, so that they thrive, instead of just surviving!

When we started feeding raw, much to our dismay, we discovered that we had to go to many different places to get the variety we both wanted and needed to feed our furry friends…

Supplements from this place, food from another place, which was very time consuming.

At “Furry Foodies” we save you the groundwork, as we offer you all the options you need for your furry friends, under one roof, and we deliver to your doorstep.

We offer a variety of raw foods which are all made locally, and have been registered with the “Department of Agriculture, Forest and Fishery” as is required to produce pet food.

We suggest feeding your fur babies a variety of proteins and brands to ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

Do you have a fussy eater?

No problem!
We have something which will tickle their fancy.

Take a look at our “Why Feed Raw” page for further information, on why we believe you will switch to raw, and it will be the best decision you make.

Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages, wherein we share lots of information about raw food.